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PHP vs ASP.NET: Speed and performance

For starters, a common misconception about website performance and speed is that the language you choose to code in determines your website's overall performance. In reality, however, there is very little difference between the performance of PHP websites and ASP.NET websites.
The coding language simply communicates with the database and web servers to produce the desired result. PHP and ASP.NET web development are also equipped to access file systems, find images and display pages on a web server and the speed of this performance is much more dependent on the database server, the computer of end user and bandwidth, etc.
That being said, there are some common myths in the field that present ASP.NET web development as a more elegant language than PHP.
Although strictly speaking ASP.NET does not allow so many irregularities in its code while still being able to function (which technically makes php development services an easier language for beginners to grasp), While many expert PHP coders will laugh at the prospect of building a site in PHP, the fact that gigantic sites like MailChimp and Facebook are written in PHP should be enough proof to dispel any suggestion that PHP sites perform worse. than ASP.NET sites

PHP vs ASP.NET: Scalability

ASP.NET and PHP web applications are extremely scalable languages. What matters more to scalability than the language you choose is the development talent you hire. In this regard, you must take into consideration the state of your business. If you are a DIY entrepreneur and want to get into development with Drupal, PHP is clearly the preferred option over ASP.NET because it is the language that exhibits a quick learning time.
If you are looking to hire a lead developer or a team of developers to build your website, you need to rely on the best talent available. Whether that talent works in PHP or ASP.NET should only matter if your company culture is already shifting towards one specific language or another.
While critics of PHP point out that it, as a language, is more than ASP.NET, this will only manifest as a weakness in your overall website framework if you hire PHP programmers. Likewise, just because ASP.NET is a more demanding language than PHP web development, doesn't mean that you are automatically more likely to find better talent in the ASP.NET development race.

Php classes

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