Php classes
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Easy progress as a Php developer

Having a big number of projects and requests from the clients, the company is seeking for new senior developers or promising beginners. The million-dollar question is How to become a developer? – a question which is asked very often. What is important to be noted here is that it is not an easy job, especially not for newbie’s.

Starting a career requires more you must invest in yourself with self-education in the IT area. And if you are already reading this, then it means that you really are interested in learning and becoming a web developer.


Probably you want to become a backend php developer. Although the backend development job primarily includes work on the server side, in the Web development area you must, at least, know the basics of HTML and CSS. With good organization of your time and commitment, you will master the basics of HTML and CSS in one week.


The next step is self-sustained systematic education from the resources available on the Internet or through courses. What we highly recommend is visiting the website or learning from
Once you understand the basics of the PHP programming language and all the technologies related with it, you are ready to go further. PHP’s Language Reference is part of the official PHP manual and from there you can learn everything related to PHP, strings, arrays, control structures, sessions, cookies and a lot more which will be part of your daily work.

Development environment

After talking and giving some directions related to the general knowledge of the web, we are ready to go forward and setup the development environment.

For the development of PHP applications, you need a web server (Apache) that can execute the code and also a server for database (MySQL). If you are a beginner in PHP development, one very helpful thing for you would be a useful solution such as WAMP or XAMPP. With one installation, everything will be set up for you and you will have a complete server up and running.

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