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How to not be hacked in php code ?

The mainly commercial companies are required to interact with the web world. This is necessary because the digital world is becoming more magnitudes lately. Of course, to interact with this world, it will be important to create websites. To do this, tools of all kinds come to deliver impeccable results as php. When working with it, it will be important to consider safety. Hackers are the worst plagues in this context.

The use of PHP

PHP is probably the scripting language most used in the world today. It is both general and open source making it more accessible to all. It also easily integrate HTML. Clearly, it will not be necessary to use a variety of commands to display it as the php pages already contain HTML fragments. Also, we must say that PHP is a server side language which means that its code is specifically run on a server to generate HTML. The result will be sent directly to customers without the latter do not have access to source code. By configuring the server, static pages and dynamic pages as processed in the same way. The server will process HTML files as php files.

Protect against pirates

As a world in itself, the web world has many pitfalls as pirates. Whether in the development of the website or once the site is created, it will be important to protect the code. To achieve good results, it would be best to hire aphp programmer specializing in the field. It will, nonetheless, possible to have good results by doing the steps yourself, but as of basic and specific advice. To do this, it will list the possibilities and to better secure the website. There will therefore be protected by .htaccess, file naming, the crytage the password lock, PHP scripting security. Of course, it will do tests between time to be assured of good results.

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