Php classes
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Koddos : What we do

The world of digitalization has become essential for all types of investors. However, during the management of their virtual platform, they could encounter various computer problems. We are here to help them in this sector but also in other areas.

Who are we ?

For years, we have worked in the field of Koddos system offering our services to all people or businesses to encounter problems with DDoS or other attacks. Knowing who we are will also let you know that these attacks must be blocked at all costs and that we have the best means to mitigate and eradicate them permanently. Thanks to watches, maintenance, checks, various configurations and installations; our professionals will reassure you by protecting your business and quickly blocking these anomalies.

Our services

We are professionals with experience and all the skills required for the Koddos system. We make sure your business is completely safe and that no DDoS attack has a direct impact on your content, the functionality of your web page, or your server or network. We will ensure that your customers have full access to the offers and services you offer, that they can access their accounts at any time, whether they can make purchases or contact you at any time. We will also do various verifications and maintenance to ensure that your virtual platform is secure and reliable. We protect your business, but most importantly, we protect your data.

Our prices

The use of the Koddos system is one of our specialties, so a job of this size must, therefore, be an opportunity for all companies to improve their image, get closer to their customers and protect the content published on their site. We put at your disposal, the various advantages of Koddos. A system that will detect and block in a fraction of seconds DDoS attacks, which will ensure that none of your data is damaged or otherwise, which will ensure that your reputation with your customers is not tainted. In addition, we offer high-quality, low-cost interventions that help you ensure the reliability, security, performance and speed of your site, server or network.

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