Php classes

The importance to code in php for an ecommerce

As a company, you have finally decided to create you a site to your image with an open source solution, it is time for you to define the best solution for your needs. If you know nothing on the subject, it is recommended to use php development that will be able to offer innovative solutions while helping you achieve at the launch of your next website e- trade. Most of them use PHP, the language that the stern wind from all developers whether they are amateurs or professionals in the field.

Why use PHP for its e-commerce site?

The number of followers of PHP continues to grow today with over 15 million user sites. This is the most standard language proposed by more than half the hosts.

Php is above all very fast. The running time is very powerful. This saves a lot of time to the developer. Scripts are run directly by the web server without any additional resources. This language is even better than the ASP.

It is also very easy to learn because it simply takes and faithfully the syntax of C. If a developer knows so perfectly this language, it can be sure to have a great facility for the grip. All novice developers could then very well be familiar with.

In addition it handles very well SQL queries from the beginning. It is then possible for you to easily write programs that display data retrieved from SQL databases or store data posted from a form in a SQL table. Php can communicate with all SGBD creation.

Note that platforms PHP/ Linux / Apache feature high stability unless the cause you made a wrong configuration. It is possible for a site to run for several months without necessarily requiring a reboot. Which is ideal for e-commerce site for which a single failure of an hour or a few minutes could cost millions.

Php classes

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