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More info on offshore reseller hosting

To choose a strong host for your server is benefits for you, because you can resell a part of your server with others, and it is a good profit. How to be a reseller host, we explain it now.

What is a resell Host?

There is a big difference between a host company and a reseller host. Their offer is different, but it is a simple ethic of market strategy. If you collaborate with a dedicated host, you will have the possibility to manage your own server. In that case, you also have the liberty to sell a part of you space on another society that you are also an owner. The source is the same but the dispatch is serious because if you are a reseller host, like HostPapa for example, you have a large cPanel in your position. You are the administrator of many websites that used your address server. The difference gives you more power, and that is a sufficient reason to be an Offshore Reseller Hosting with an important advantage in your side.

More information about this plan

If you want to be your own host website manager, this plan will interest you. On the table of this reseller offshoring, there are a lot of option and the technics information is proud. There is no complicated to use the product, because they chose a certificate software with an exceptional price. In that case, you can develop your society and manage your client. You give the possibility to have their own website, and you are the administrator. You assure the availability of their website. You propose the same service that your host company with an upgrade in 48 hours, and even you are in difficulty to solve a problem, your host center is always there to advice you. This may create a new business for you.

KoDDoS propose this kind of offer to their client. They offer you a server place on The Netherland, with a minimum offer as 10 Gb for your Raid storage, 300 Gb of Bandwidth, an unlimited cPanel account, Email and FTP unlimited also, and the list is so long. All this cost you 16 dollars in a month.

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