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What developpments differenciate php and ruby?

In the world of computing and web development, we often hear about ruby ​​on rails and Php. These are two types of language used to design websites. They each have their own peculiarities and characteristics. Web developers choose one of them according to their needs, their objectives or the expectations of their clients.

Differences between the two languages

Historically, the goal for PHP and Ruby are different. Although both were designed around the year 1995, PHP was supposed to give dynamism to web pages and Ruby was created as an object-oriented scripting language. Basically, the design of PHP was not intended to be a real object language. The code should be described in HTML files to resolve an exceptionally unique problem. It was therefore not equipped for the oriented objects, the management of the exceptions or the namespaces. This is why the PHP API currently looks a bit confusing. If we were talking about rubysavvy, we can still see several differences in development with ruby ​​and PHP.

Framework and hosting

It should be noted that PHP has more than a dozen frameworks. However, Ruby has only two: Sinatra and Rails. This important number of frameworks for PHP is at the same time source of wealth but also reason of quarrels of steeples. It does not de facto allow the design of a system of packages namely the gems under Ruby.
On the other hand, PHP takes advantage of the hosting with upload-and-go solutions. Indeed, PHP is more interesting as much by the simplicity of its use in local with XAMP, WAMP and MAMP that in line with the immense number of hosts that is compatible with him. It should also not be forgotten that the PHP horizon has famous CMS including WordPress which alone is more worn than all CMS Ruby assembled.
If you had a site to develop, you can now tell the difference between ruby ​​and PHP. You know the advantages of each and in the meantime their weak points.

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